Smart Farming


We digitalize all kinds of green areas and bring agriculture to the future

What we offer

Remote monitoring and control for all kind of agricultural areas. By using smart devices in the field, all the important environmental parameters can be monitored and irrigation controlled remotely.

Weather analysis

Soil moisture

Leaf wetness



Digitalize youR Farmland

Studies show that over- and under-irrigation of agricultural land results in lower yields. Let's find the right sensors for your individual needs and start monitoring right away.


Monitor all important values of an green areas and transmit the data wirelessly to the cloud.  Every sensor is powered by an easily changeable battery with a minimum lifetime of 5 years.


Manage most forms of electric pumping systems and valves in real time. The device transmit the data wirelessly to the cloud and can be powered directly from the grid or by a solar panel plus battery combination.


Digitalize green sport facilities

People who want to make sport expect the green areas in perfect conditions to focus on what they like most. With ODIS smart devices monitoring becomes your favorite task and maintenance will be much more efficient.

Mobile APP

The ODIS App allows the user to connect to the data and to monitor (in future also control) in real time the smart devices. With a strong focus on the user and it’s main needs the application is easy to handle.


Our residential areas will become green oasis and need much more care then now. Be smart and invest in a userfriendly product which will help you to optimize irrigation behaviour.



3 friends & digital nerds...

....have an amazing idea of how to contribute to the digital future of our green areas...

and where crazy enough to found a start-up!